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  • Betwixt and between
  • City Linking, smart thinking ( City Link advertising slogan )
  • Come between
  • Connecting people ( Nokia advertising slogan )
  • Deep linking
  • Do not meet your troubles halfway
  • Down among the dead men
  • Drive a wedge between
  • Fall between the cracks
  • Few and far between
  • First Among Equals ( Jeffrey Archer book )
  • First among equals ( the most senior person in a group of equal rank )
  • Get the bit between your teeth
  • Go between
  • Halfway To Paradise ( Billy Fury song )
  • Halfway house
  • Meet you halfway
  • Middle man
  • Nothing comes between me and my Calvin Klein jeans ( Calvin Klein advertising slogan )
  • Put it between you
  • Read between the lines
  • Tail between your legs
  • Take the bit between your teeth
  • The Bamboo Curtain ( notional barrier between capitalist West and communist China )
  • The Big Pond ( nickname of the Atlantic Ocean between the UK and the USA )
  • The Go-Between ( L. P. Hartley book )
  • The Iron Curtain ( notional barrier between capitalist West and communist states )
  • The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there ( the opening line of The Go-Between )
  • The sweet you can eat between meals without losing your appetite ( Milky Way advertising slogan )
  • Us versus them ( denoting the emnity between two opposing groups )
  • With your tail between your legs

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