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A list of phrases related to the word "award"...

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  • God's gift to women
  • Good conduct star
  • Grant no quarter
  • Highly commended
  • Honor thy self ( Johnny Walker Black Whiskey advertising slogan )
  • Honour amongst thieves
  • Honour and obey
  • Honour bound
  • Honour thy father and mother
  • Keep your eyes on the prize
  • Lap of honour
  • Look to your laurels
  • Maid of honour
  • Man of honour
  • Never look a gift horse in the mouth
  • North By Northwest ( Cary Grant / Alfred Hitchcock movie )
  • Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party
  • Present company excepted
  • Prize catch
  • Rest on your laurels
  • Scout's honour
  • Sex symbol
  • The Brits are coming
  • The Philadelphia Story ( Cary Grant / Katharine Hepburn movie )
  • The gift of tongues
  • The gift that keeps on giving
  • The honour of your presence is requested
  • The priceless ingredient of every product is the honor and integrity of its maker ( Squib drug products advertising slogan )
  • There's no time like the present
  • This is your life
  • Virtue is its own reward
  • What's all this in aid of?
  • Who's that behind those Foster Grants? ( Foster Grant advertising slogan )
  • Word of honour

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