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A list of phrases related to the word "architecture"...

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  • Architecture is music frozen in time ( Friedrich von Schelling quotation )
  • Better by design
  • Body building
  • Building castles in the air
  • Design flaw
  • Design for life
  • Elvis has left the building
  • Empire State Building
  • Far better for being near to you ( The Chesham Building Society advertising slogan )
  • Form follows function
  • Frasier has left the building ( A catchphrase from Frasier )
  • Investments with Abbey endings ( Abbey National Building Society advertising slogan )
  • Monstrous carbuncle on the face of an old friend ( Prince Charles quotation )
  • Shovel ready ( a building project in which all the preliminaries have been arranged )
  • The Chrysler Building ( tourist attraction in New York USA )
  • The Empire State Building ( tourist attraction in New York USA )
  • Under construction
  • We're with the Woolwich ( Woolwich Building Society advertising slogan )

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