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Manhattan--NG for Me

Posted by Bruce Kahl on July 31, 2001

In Reply to: New York Minute posted by R. Berg on July 31, 2001

: : : :
: : : : So a New York Minute would be LESS than your average minute? For fun, would anyone be willing to hazard an estimate of the amount of seconds contained in a New York Minute?

: : : : When I was trying to puzzle it out myself I supposed it might be longer than your average minute. I imagined a New Yorker saying "be there in a minute" and not arriving for an hour or so due to congested traffic.

: : : Yes, it's less time than say an Arkansas minute. Maybe 35 seconds.

: : As a Manhattanite myself, everything must be done by yesterday and we need what we need an hour ago. The morning is considered a full day, the afternoon is considered another day and the evening is another day. So there are three days of work to be done in one day. Visitors feel the energy. For me it's a rush. This place is an ocean of stimuli.

: I visited N.Y. once, for about ten days. You betcha I felt the energy. There's almost a (musical) beat. This is hard to understand without having been there. I was amazed to see garbagemen running as they carried cans to their truck.

stimuli? I see rats just walkin' around and some sunning themslves.
energy? I hear the non-stop whine of emergency vehicles.
Police drunk on steroids!
Guiliani. Ugh. Nasty little man.

Having lived and worked in many locales on the Isle of Manhattan I do not miss the cacophony that attracts the masses.
Herman Melille agrees with me when he defined Manhattan as "...the swarming nest of all that is evil and unnatural".

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