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Some help with crossing those streets

Posted by Bruce Kahl on July 06, 2001

In Reply to: Some help with crossing those streets posted by R. Berg on July 06, 2001

: : An AP article today (on AOL) talks about a list of the funniest intersections in America, one of which is supposed to be Grinn + Barret (... "Not likely at the intersections of Grinn and Barret drives in West Chester, Ohio;..."). I can't find either word in the dictionary, can someone help me with the pun?
: : Also, I did get the one of Antonio Parkway crossing Avenue de las Banderas, but what about Ho + Hum? And Dickory + Dock?

: "Grin and bear it" is a cliché that means "Tolerate misfortune stoically." "Ho-hum" is an expression of boredom--possibly onomapoeic, based on yawning. The third one alludes to nonsense words in a nursery rhyme from the Mother Goose collection, "Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock . . ."

....and Antonio Banderas is a Hollywood somebody actor type.