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Posted by ESC on June 14, 2001

In Reply to: Link to posted by R. Berg on June 14, 2001

: : : : : The word wizards at Oxford University Press have opened a website, It has a section on word and phrase origins, including material on "posh," "OK," and "brass monkey." Staff members will answer queries about English from members of the public, no charge.

: : : : I couldn't access the site.

: : : No problem with my effort.

: : Some browsers do not handle periods in web addresses. There is no period after the .com so maybe that is what the problem is.
: : Are you getting a four-oh-four?

: Below is a link to the OED newsletter that contains a link to the new site.

: public/news/0106.htm

Woe is me. I can't get there from here. I've tried without the period and from the site above. Tomorrow is another day. I'll try again. "They" have been messing with the server today. Maybe it's some mysterious server thing.