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Origin of "FOB" (Fresh Off the Boat)-- anyone know?

Posted by Klaus kadur on June 13, 2001

In Reply to: Origin of "FOB" (Fresh Off the Boat)-- anyone know? posted by Alison N. on June 11, 2001

F.O.B. is a commercial term in in international freight forwardingmeaning : free on board ( of the ship or plane ) ie the seller/exporter of goods pays for the freight only to the port of despatch , all further expenses have to be carried by the importer/buyer.

: Does anyone know the origin of FOB (pronounced "fawb")?

: I have some Asian friends who joke about being "fobs," ie. international students or immigrants to America. But I've also heard people use this term in a derrogatory sense.

: I'm curious about the origin, how long this term has been in existence (it must've been back when people travelled by boat instead of plane!), and who originally used the term politically and who it referred to politically. (For example, did WASP Americans use it to refer to European immigrants in the late 1800s, etc etc). Nowadays I've only heard it used to refer to Asian immigrants by Asian Americans and international students.

: Thanks for any info.