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On the Q.T.-First and Last Letters of "Quiet"

Posted by Bruce Kahl on June 10, 2001

In Reply to: On the Q.T. posted by ESC on June 09, 2001

: : : : Does anyone know exactly what the phrase "on the Q.T." means.

: : : : I have had always heard it to be synonymous with saying something off the record or meaning that something you have just said is to be kept secret.

: : : : Example: "I'm saying this to you strictly on the Q.T., but I think the Senator will be running for re-election next term."

: : : : Any ideas?

: : : : Thanks.

: : : Yes, the meaning is just what you think--something just said is supposed to be secretive or "off the record".

: : Any idea where 'QT' comes from? Is is shorthand for 'Quiet'?

"...and although "Q.T." certainly looks as though it to be the initial letters of two words, every slang authority seems to agree that its origin is simply the first and last letters of the word "quiet."