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Thanks, R Berb.

Posted by K Yone on June 08, 2001

In Reply to: A hard-working people posted by R. Berg on June 08, 2001

Hi, again!

>In a sense, both #1 and #2 are generic >statements: they lump all Chinese together; they >are generalizations. #1 says that all Chinese >individuals work hard; #2 says that the Chinese >as a nation work hard (but not that "China works >hard"). These two meanings are not very different

1. The Chinese are hard working people.
2. The Chinese are a hard working people.

I see. Both of them are generic statement. Could #1 be specific statement too depending on its context? For example, there are some Chinese students at a college and they're all hard-workers. Can I say 'The Chinese are hard-working people?

Thanks again. I'm very much grateful for your help.

K. Yone