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Posted by R. Berg on April 03, 2001

In Reply to: Search the archives posted by Bob on April 03, 2001

: : It seems timely to put in a plug for the Discussion Forum's 'Search the Archives' facility.

: : There are more than 7,000 queries and responses in this forum now and many of the questions that have been asked recently have come up before. A search for pregnant, hatband or bishop, shows previous responses to three recent queries.

: : Not that I'd want to discourage people from postings questions, but maybe the search is the best place to start?

: : Gary
: Let me suggest changing the wording left of the search box from:
: You can search current and archived postings here:
: to:
: Your question may have been asked and answered previously, so you may wish to begin by typing a key word in this Search Box:

Two other changes might also reduce duplication: The graphics on the home page could give more emphasis to the "meanings and origins" link. Perhaps a dark blue box at the left of that block of type, like the three boxes at the top. On the "Phrase meanings and origins" page, adding a link to the archives might encourage people to go there first: "If the phrase you are looking for isn't here, try searching the DISCUSSION FORUM ARCHIVES or asking at the CURRENT DISCUSSION FORUM."