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Pedantic blowholes

Posted by R. Berg on April 01, 2001

In Reply to: Need a good way to put pedantic blowholes in their place posted by chris on April 01, 2001

: I am currently dealing with some people on a different site who appear to feel that they are far better educated than the rest of us poor shlubs. Any written insult (chock full of vocabulary) that could tell these people where to go would be greatly appreciated. offers lots of insults to choose from. But what do you want to accomplish, matching them in graduate-school vocabulary or making them take a second look at themselves? I haven't found that hurling insults at people wins them over to my side. (This is the voice of experience here.) Another thing about insults: One size doesn't fit all.

You asked for prepackaged insults, not advice. I'll say only that if this were my problem, I'd use the following strategy: First take some time to cool off. Then figure out exactly what annoys me about these people. Then articulate it in a way that I think they can understand, and post it.