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Nest egg

Posted by R. Berg on March 13, 2001

In Reply to: Nest egg posted by Bob on March 12, 2001

: : Remarkably few postings since this list was started; maybe people don't want to mess up the nice clean page. This seems a good time to say something about "nest egg."

: : Currently, "nest egg" usually means a reserve of money set aside in case of need. Originally, it meant a china egg put in the nest, or a real egg left there, to encourage a hen to lay more. These two things don't seem parallel, and my dictionaries don't explain the history of the transition. Does anyone know?

: The nest egg concept seems to me
: When new-laid eggs are left behind
: Revolves around a strategy
: To influence a chicken's mind.
: The egg is left within the coop,
: "If you don't make some more of these,"
: We warn the hen, "You will be soup.
: So stay productive if you please."
: And so it is when we invest,
: To reach our savings' sunny side,
: To feather our financial nest,
: We have to learn to set aside.

: Bob

Wow. If you submitted anything to the Bulwer-Lytton contest this year, I may as well abandon my dream of a Dishonorable Mention. And that's no yolk.