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1930's phrases

Posted by Brian Raney on March 12, 2001

In Reply to: 1930's phrases posted by Emily on March 12, 2001

: Hey! Does anybody know any popular phrases, words, slogans, or meanings that came out of the 30's? I'm doing a project for school and can't find any. If you know of any please e-mail me. It would be greatly appreciated.

The only one new that comes to mind that I heard recently was "You and me is Jake" or "something not Jake, here." I not sure who "Jake" was but he must of inspired some sort of respect in his name.

A "Twist" was sometimes a name for a prostitute or any woman known for her ability to twist men around her finger.

"Take it on the heel and toe," was slang for asking someone to leave; same as "get lost" is today.

"That mouse was quite a dish," might be said if someone was describing a hot date.

Hope it helps.