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"Weigh in"

Posted by Bruce Kahl on March 22, 2001

In Reply to: "Weigh in" posted by Patty on March 21, 2001

: What exactly does the two-word phrase 'weigh in' mean? I rarely if ever hear people use it in speech, but I'm thinking numerous times when I've read something like "That was about the point in the discussion when Fred Jones decided to weigh in." Thanks. - Patty

Just a theory:
I always thought the phrase was derived from the sport of boxing.
About a week or so before a boxing match the 2 contenders are officially weighed to insure each one of them is still within range of weight parameters as set by the various boxing accociations.
So if contender Mr.A claims he is a lightweight then he is actually put on a scale to make sure he is indeed in that weight class and the same goes for contender Mr. B.
So it seems that when Fred Jones "weighs in" with an opinion on something, he is officially presenting himself to be noticed and verified.