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L'espirit de l'escalier

Posted by R. Berg on June 01, 2001

In Reply to: L'espirit de l'escalier posted by Bob on June 01, 2001

: : : : I am looking for the origin or other information on the phrase "the wit of the staircase"

: : : l'espirit de l'escalier or the "the wit of the staircase".
: : : Those biting ripostes that are thought of just seconds too late, on the way out of the room halfway down the stairs or even days later.

: Oops. Hit the wrong button.
: We used to call them "garden gate replies," but I like l'esirit de l'escalier better.

Isn't the spelling l'esprit?

I once saw this verse:
Backward, turn backward, O Time in thy flight,
Just thought of a comeback I needed last night.