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Corduroy Road

Posted by Beccy on May 24, 2001

In Reply to: Corduroy Road posted by Bruce Kahl on May 24, 2001

: : I'm interested in anything related to this - I know there is a book with the title of Corduroy Road, but I don't know if that informs the phrase or the phrase came first. I believe the phrase relates to an informal path or footway.. but why or how etc, I do not know! Answers or clues will be relished!

: Corduroy Road.
: A term applied to roads in the backwoods and swampy districts of the United States of America, formed of the halves of trees sawn in two longitudinally, and laid transversely across the track. A road thus made presents a ribbed appearance, like the cloth called corduroy.

Brilliant! Thanks, Bruce, that's really useful.