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Implications of term

Posted by Bob on May 18, 2001

In Reply to: Implications of term posted by Kory on May 18, 2001

: : : Now I realize that "white trash" refers to poor U.S. Southerners with Caucasian complexion. But what does the term imply in terms of habits of life, social relations, ethics and such? Thanks for the help.

: : Think Bundy as in "Married with Children".

: Insensitive? Superficial? Wanna-be self-indulgent? Lascivious? Confused? Am I on the right track?

It has more to do with values and (sub)culture. It's arguably the largest ethnic group in America, and that huge population of proudly-ignorant people explains the popularity of auto racing, Graceland tours, tube tops, Metallica tattoos, Trans-Ams, professional wrestling, intractable racism, and widespread gun ownership.