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Posted by M.Mazzucco on May 16, 2001

In Reply to: In fact... posted by Barney on May 16, 2001

: : ... it was a military character who delivered the line.
: : So it all makes perfect sense.
: : Thanks.

: I thought the idea of this forum was to add your response to the previous contributions and hence give context to your reply.

: In its spendid isolation I found Mazzucco's reply meaningless.

Any "reply" is "meaningless," not just mine, unless of course what it refers to is part of the scheme.
But, yes, I am new at forums and, yes, I was just trying to tidy-up.
I felt that -- the referenda being placed right above the referta -- it would make the process easier for anyone who were to follow it in natural sequence, without having to strain your eyes each time on where the colons actually end.
Of course, it hadn't occurred to me that someone -- especially if new to a given issue -- could also just jump to the last post and find the whole sequence at once.
My apologies for that, and I'll do my best to adapt to the house rules as quickly as I can.