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Splendid isolation--corrected version

Posted by R. Berg on May 16, 2001

In Reply to: Splendid isolation posted by R. Berg on May 16, 2001

: : : ... it was a military character who delivered the line.
: : : So it all makes perfect sense.
: : : Thanks.

: : I thought the idea of this forum was to add your response to the previous contributions and hence give context to your reply.

: : In its spendid isolation I found Mazzucco's reply meaningless.

: Maybe (or perhaps) his intention was to tidy up. (M.M.: Barney is complaining, in his indirect way, that erasing what you respond to makes it harder for readers of your response to understand what you're talking about. If you leave intact the contents of the "Comments" box--or, in a long, rambling exchange, the previous few entries--people can find the whole conversation on one page.)