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Foodish names

Posted by R. Berg on May 09, 2001

In Reply to: Foodish names posted by Gary Martin on May 09, 2001

: : : A coworker made this request: "I have a bet on with my boyfriend. I need some help. How many names of singing/rock & roll/whatever groups can you name that have 'food' items in their title. Example: Meatloaf; Bread; Red Hot Chili Peppers. You get the idea. Help me. I want to win. !!!!!"

: : : Any ideas?

: : I believe there's a team of two female vocalists called Salt 'n' Pepa. Also see link below for long list of punk groups. I found four such names in the A's alone--Alice Donut, Anti-Pasti, Archers of Loaf, Armitage Shanks--although the last two are arguable. I read part of the B's too. They include Bad Brains and Bad Livers. These two could be classed as food names, depending on what you like to eat. In some parts of the world, people eat beetles.

: Armitage Shanks are a UK company that manufacture toilet bowls. I daresay some punk bands have eaten worse though.

: There must be hundreds of food related band names. A quick scan of my record collection comes up with Cream and Blue Oyster Cult (well I was a teenager in the sixties). Does Ry Cooder count?

: Gary

A few more: Moby Grape, Vanilla Ice, Smashing Pumpkins, Country Joe and the Fish. This is stretching it, but a hermit is a kind of cookie: Herman's Hermits.

If Ry Cooder joined the Rolling Stones, they'd be the Ry Rolls.

I was never a teenager.