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K. Yone should now have sufficient information

Posted by Ojeirol on May 08, 2001

In Reply to: Shall, will posted by R. Berg on May 08, 2001

R. Berg, you are correct. However, the question from K. Yone was about how to use the word shall. Point I was trying to make is that:
1. It is a verb, and should be used that way,
2. Can be used to query, or,
3. can be used to command.

ESC provided support that for usage as a command or directive.

I would like to think if K. Yone is capable of using this medium to communicate that K. Yone, with this feedback from R. Berg, Ojeirol, or ESC, K. Yone can certainly figure out how the word is used. Whether it is used properly in America or not is really irrelevant, K. Yone knows how it is supposed to be used properly.

Now, whether proper is formal are two entirely different things! Ha. Ha. Could be another query for this thread!

I hope you all have a nice day, wherever you are, and that you use the word shall properly (smile).