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Posted by K. Yone on May 08, 2001

Hi again!

After my American friend told me that 'shall' is rarely used in spoken American English I kind of concern more about when and how to use 'shall.' I've come up with the four sentences which I don't feel any problem to use 'shall' in spoken English. Do you feel these sentences sound too formal? Do you have any better way to express in spoken English?

I try myself first.

1.What shall I write with?
2.Assuming it rain tomorrow, what shall I do?
3.Shall we go out for supper?
4.Suppose he refuses, what shall we do then?

What should I write with?
Assuming it rain tomorrow, what should I do?
Let's go out for supper?
Suppose he refuses, what should we do then?

Sentences sentences 1, 2 and 3 may have different meaning; the first three sentences sound 'obligatory.' Am I right?

Thank you for your help.


K. Yone