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A love song?

Posted by Marcus on December 18, 2000

In Reply to: A love song? posted by Barney on December 18, 2000

: : is the phrase "...the Twelfth of Never..." part of a song lyric or did I just make that up? Seems related to the Christmas Season and Frank Sinatra or Tony B. Or was it a Motown slow dance tune by some love struck, angst-ridden singer from the 50-60's whose name escapes me? Or was it the name of a song by Nat King Cole? Yikes! If so, what does it mean?

: It may mean you ate too much British beef in the 80s, other than that I can't help.

: Thanks Barney but I only eat salthorse. Safer than the bloody beef. "The Twelfth of Never" is a love song me thinks. Can you dispute that? :)