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Some questions

Posted by K. Yone on February 01, 2001

Hi! I have many questions.

1DA grammar book says 'does' is optional in the following sentence while Americans I know say not optional. I wonder whose opinion I should follow.
h) Rose lives Phillip more than Angie does John.

2DA book says both i) and j) are okay while my American friends say they aren't. Who do you think is right?
i) I don't drink or smoke.
j) I don't drink nor smoke.

3DTwo English natives have different opinion; one says k) is right while another says l) is right. I'm just wondering which is right.
k) Also I need a large fry.
l) Also I need a large fries.

4DA grammar book says that 'to it' in m) and n) are optional while 'to it' in o) and p) are necessary. However my friends who are Americans say 'on it' in all sentences are optional. Which opinion is right?
m) We'll see (to it) that you get home early.
n) I could swear (to it) that I've seen him before.

o) You may depend on it that she will go with you.
p) You may rely on it that he will be able to solve this problem.

Thank you for your help.


K. Yone