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Posted by R. Berg on January 29, 2001

In Reply to: Translations posted by Bruce Kahl on January 29, 2001

: : : : I can´t find the meaning of this phrase ("dog does not eat dog") and I need to translate into its equivalent in Spanish. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance

: : : It isn't a familiar one. It sounds like simply a denial of the common cynical statement "It's a dog-eat-dog world," meaning that people are selfish and ruthless. Could you provide more of its context?

: : Dog does not eat dog.
: : One disreputable person will not harm another disreputable person.
: : Source: Bertram, Anne (Bowl of Cherries)
: :

: : Various professions will often close ranks against any external criticism.
: : For instance, here in the NY City area there have been a rash of police officers abusing women. The excuses coming from the rank and file are outrageous. This is known, in that profession, as the Blue Wall.

: : In the USA in Washington, DC, A Senator Ashcroft has been nominated for Attorney General and he will be unleashed for sure because dog does not eat dog.

: Here are 2 translations for you but I am not sure of the languages, but they seem kinda romanticish:

: DOG does not eat dog.
: Câine pe câine nu mãnâncã.
: Lupii nu se mãnâncã între dânsii.

A literal translation in Spanish would go something like "Un perro no come a un perro" (I've forgotten just when to use the "a" after a verb), but it would be better to find a Spanish idiom that carries about the same message.