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A bun is the lowest form of wheat

Posted by Jamhottle on January 12, 2001

Alterations to demetaphorise/economise some common phrases/cliches. Just a bit of fun really that may interest someone.

A snitch in time saves crime
A slight ointment for sore eyes
A kite for soar eyes
Like a tip amongst troubled waiters
You can't pull the wool over my Iceland
You've got to mind your Ps and Qs and Hs and Ys and Is and Xs and Ss and . . ..
Two cooks spoil the broth
Life begins at 40 winks
I woke up on the wrong side of the new leaf
You've so lucky you've got someone to count your lucky stars for you
There is no smoke without smoking like a chimney
Bob's not your aunt
It's reigning Catholics and dogma
The curly bird always asks for a perm
I'd give an arm and a leg and an arm and a leg
Lager then life
Mum's the mumbled mother word
"Applied" always comes before "Awful"
The pen is lighter than the sword
I'm so hungry I could eat every horse
You can't teach an old dog
A man is greater than some of his parts
Amen is greater than some of prayer starts
The best thing since unsliced bread
Humans never forget that an elephant never forgets
An elephant never forges t
Thinks like Michael Fish
Drinks like the ex-girlfriend that let Michael Fish get away ... he was THIS BIG !!
A bird in Thailand is better than a didgeridoo in the Bush
I think therefore I cram
So hot you could fry an igloo
The light at the end of the tunnel is the light of the oncoming train
The light l at the end of the tunnel
Every crowd has a silver pining
Nice weather for duckweed
Heels over head with excitement
Were you a bairn in a barn?
13- lucky for some but not for mothers
It's like trying to find the eye of the needle that broke the camels back in a haystack
It's like trying to find a piece of hay in a needlestack
Familiarity breeds content and children
Let leaping hogs fly
Let peeping Toms pry
Bigger than Jesus on Calvary
There is no use crying over spoilt milk
Its no use in spoiling milk by spilling tears over it
Not enough broom to sweep a mat
Don't have a minotaur!
Slow but steady wins the "slow but steady" race every time
The way the crow flies to a row of crowing flies
A cat has annoying lives
Out of the frying pan but still dead