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A love song?--Johnny Mathis in 1957

Posted by Barney on December 19, 2000

In Reply to: A love song?--Johnny Mathis in 1957 posted by marcus on December 19, 2000

: : The Twelfth Of Never
: : Johnny Mathis
: : (Written by Paul Francis Webster and Jerry Livingston)

: : Peaked at # 9 in 1957
: : Later charted by The Chi-Lites at # 122 in 1969 as "B" side of their "Let Me Be the
: : Man My Daddy Was"
: : Also charted by Donny Osmond at # 8 in 1973
: : The melody of this song was taken from the 16th-century English folk song "I Gave
: : My Love a Cherry" (a/k/a "The Riddle Song")

: :
: : You ask me how much I need you, must I explain?
: : I need you, oh my darling, like roses need rain
: : You ask how long I'll love you, I'll tell you true
: : Until the Twelfth of Never, I'll still be loving you

: : Hold me close, never let me go
: : Hold me close, melt my heart like April snow

: : I'll love you 'til the bluebells forget to bloom
: : I'll love you 'til the clover has lost its perfume
: : I'll love you 'til the poets run out of rhyme
: : Until the Twelfth of Never and that's a long, long time

: : Until the Twelfth of Never and that's a long, long time

: : Many thanks. I heard pretty much the same thing from another source. I had a Senior Moment and forgot Johnny Mathis. But, what IS the "...Twelfth of Never..."? I mean, what does it mean? Is it like a "Month of Sundays"? Or maybe "Forever and a Day"? Or maybe "Into Next Tuesday"? I love it. Very mysterious.
: It's been the Twelfth of Never since I heard that song on the radio.
: Thanks again.

There you go, neurons firing again. The "Twelfth of Never" means forever or, to be more specific, at a date in a month that does not exist. And hey, let's have fewer 'Senior Moments'; they can escalate to a continuum of silence if not curtailed.