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N. R. T. S. A. C.: I've got it!

Posted by R. Berg on January 03, 2001

In Reply to: A tough one - N. R. T. S. A. C. posted by Bernard on December 19, 2000

: : : : I'm trying to find out a phrase but I only have the first letter of each word can anybody help?
: : : : I have tried for ages using the 'phrase finder' - but no luck.
: : : : TIA

: : : Neural Resource Transfers Supplement Automatic Control

: : Nobody Remembers Throwing Stuff At Cows

: Negative Rhetoric Traumatises Staff At Crewe - Railtrack reason for 2 hour delay of Glasgow express.

Never rile the Strategic Air Command? New rooster to strut around chickens? Nora Riggs tries soaking aunt's coat? Never refuse treats served at church? No; scanning the "N" section of this selfsame worthy website produced "No room to swing a cat." There!