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Posted by Marcus on December 30, 2000

In Reply to: Help. posted by Ilana on December 30, 2000

: Hi,

: Please help me in finding what is the meaning of the following euphemisms:
: 1) Needs ample supervision in order to work well.
: 2) Needs help in learning to enjoy sharing with other.
: 3) Needs to develop quieter habits of communication.
: 4) Has qualities of leadership but needs help in
: learning to use them democratically.
: 5) Needs guidance in developing habits of punctuality.
: 6) Needs to develop a sense of responsibility in
: regard to attendance.
: Thanks, Ilana

: well Ilana, if that report card is for you, they are saying that you need supervision in order to do your lessons, you need to happily share your cookies with you classmates, talk more quietly with your classmates, don't be bossy or bully anyone, and come to class on time and regularly. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to apply those items to the world of job performance evaluations either.