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Meaning of an old stereotype

Posted by Roger moore on March 06, 2001

In Reply to: Meaning of an old stereotype posted by Katherine on November 15, 2000

hey I know that one and I am white.

it's because black people are suposedly better in bed and once you have had them you can't go back to white people. This is related to another sterotype (or maybe it's true, i'd like to think not) that black men have much larger genitals than white men, once a white woman had sex with a black man it would stretch the inner walls of her vagina almost permantently and make it diffucult for her to get pleasure from a lesser endowed white man. Therefore, once you "go black" (eg. have sex with an african american man, you can't "go back [to european]." kinda sucks.
What did *you* think it meant?

(There is some evidence available that shows that black women have a larger average vagina size than white women, and there may be some which shows that black men have much larger genitals)