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And THAT'S the way it is

Posted by ESC on July 18, 2009 at 16:23

And THAT'S the way it is - sign-off phrase used by U.S. anchorman Walter Cronkite. Known as "the most trusted man in America" and "Uncle Walter."

"The 'most trusted man in America' is gone. Walter Cronkite, who personified television journalism for more than a generation as anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News,' has died. CBS vice president Linda Mason says Cronkite died at 7:42 p.m. Friday (17 July 2009) with his family by his side at his home in New York after a long illness. He was 92. Known for his steady and straightforward delivery, his trim moustache, and his iconic sign-off line - 'That's the way it is' - Cronkite dominated the television news industry during one of the most volatile periods of American history. He broke the news of the Kennedy assassination, reported extensively on Vietnam and Civil Rights and Watergate, and seemed to be the very embodiment of TV journalism." CBS News:

"Cronkite was the broadcaster to whom the title 'anchorman' was first applied, and he came so identified in that role that eventually his own name became the term for the job in other languages." "Cronkite remembered as 'honorable' and 'an icon'" by Frazier Moore, Associated Press (AP), July 18, 2009. According to discussion online, Swedish anchors are known as Kronkiters; in Holland, they are Cronkiters.