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What is it called????

Posted by Bob on October 29, 2000

In Reply to: What is it called???? posted by shelly on October 29, 2000

: : : i'm trying to find out what it " says " or means when you can finish someone sentence for them.have been thinking about it for a long time trying to figure out what it means.thanx in advance for any help you can give me.

: : 3 possibiities: extreme familiarity, impatience, or rudeness.

: nooooo,what i'm saying is the meaning behind it ie:same wave length
: but i've heard a deeper meaning to it than that.

Nooooo. Do you wish for a mystical/supernatural Very Deep Meaning behind it? (Mental telepathy? Angels whispering? Spiritual synchonicity?) I'll stick with 3 more likely explanations:
1) we're so familiar with this person's predictable speaking patterns, we can complete their thoughts. Happens in every marriage.
2) We just can't wait for this slow talker to finish, because it's postponing the really important stuff, which is, of course, what I have to say. Impatience pure and simple.
3) Contempt for the speaker, however unconscious, leads one to "help him out" by finishing his sentences, usually through a conbination of 1) and 2). That barely-concealed contempt is why it's considered rude.
If we need to put a Name to this social vice, let's make it sound important: Preemptive Verbal Assault.