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kind hearts and coronets

Posted by Ryan on October 24, 2000

My father's been an Alec Guinness/Ealing Studios fan since "The Man in the White Suit." As children, we were taught to appreciate Sir Alec's talents. His recent passing (Sir Alec's, not my father's) has reminded me of some of his other features.

I very much enjoyed "Kind Hearts and Coronets," and am vaguely aware that there's a full phrase behind it, but I cannot find it. It's something to the effect of, "kind hearts and coronets do not a majesty make"? Perhaps someone that frequents this site may be able to help me.

An internet search has only brought pages upon pages of upcoming movie previews for an updated version of the Ealing Studios version, this time starring Americans Will Smith and Robin Williams (as the eight doomed characters). Except that, now, a rich American family disowns one of it's daughters for marrying a black man, and refuses to allow her to be buried with the rest of the family upon her death. Will Smith serves as the vengeful son. Even as an American myself, I shudder to think.

Thank you in advance for any input.