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Tomato Paste

Posted by Bob on October 19, 2000

In Reply to: Tomato Paste posted by Shannon on October 19, 2000

: Most all global translation of the red condiment to burgers and hotdogs will translate to "Tomato Paste" or "Spiced tomato sauce" so who first uttered the sound "Ketchup" and why? What does ketchup mean?

It's one of the few words in English derived from the Malay language. Kechap is a fish sauce, and our ketchup does (if you stretch it a bit) resemble it, at least in how it's used as an add-on condiment rather than a cooking ingredient.

And, by the way, where I come from (Chicago) we frown upon putting ketchup on hotdogs... a culinary category we take Very Seriously. I's something that only uncivilized people (e.g., everybody else) would do.