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Who said "get a life!" was it william shatner?

Posted by Bob on October 19, 2000

In Reply to: Who said "get a life!" was it william shatner? posted by ESC on October 17, 2000

: : thought I heard he said it at a star trek convention, as in: "you people need to get a life!"

: I don't know who said it first. I first heard it as a skit on Saturday Night Live (a U.S. television show) when he was a guest. The skit was about a Star Trek convention.

In a very similar (jugular) vein, if you get the chance, rent the movie "Galaxy Quest." I've recommended it to many people, and without fail, people find it to be that very rare bird: a funny satire. It's a good flick for the whole family: the premise is simple enough for kids to Get It, but the satirical edge (it's about Trekkies who definitely need to get a life) is wicked enough to be a laugh out loud surprise.