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Phrase dispute - critical!

Posted by Gary Martin on October 17, 2000

In Reply to: Phrase dispute - critical! posted by Todd_C on October 17, 2000

: What does the phrase "I hope you have'nt over done it"
: mean? How is it used? Is it common in the English Language? Does it come in different forms?
: Can someone provide an example where it is used in a book?
: I really need this to be a nice thing to say!

: I have to sleep on the couch until this is cleared up!
: Please help?????

: tia,
: Todd

This is common enough in the UK and would be understood by anyone here. Overdone (usually one word) just means done too much. The allusion is to food that is cooked too much.
It is usually applied to anything that is deemed okay in small judicious doses but not so when applied with a trowel - like make up, piety or salt on your dinner.