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Hi !!! Bob thanks again I have a few more that I am unsure off!!

Posted by Sam on September 27, 2000

In Reply to: Thanks Bob and more to solve as well please help anyone!! posted by Bob on September 27, 2000

: : : : my girlfrends mum gave me some phrases to complete now I am stuck can anyone give me an answer??? ok i.e b,o,a,f,f,t = birds of a feather flock togeather. a,s,l,t,w, = actions speak louder than words. I am stuck with a,s,b,f,m,f and e,i,a,g,a,a,f and and and last of all b,b,p if you can solve them please do!!!!!!!! thanks sam

: : : tistf = truth is stranger than fiction

: : fftb = fortune favors the brave. I'm working on the others.... Thanks to Bob for getting these ones!!!!!!!!

: bbp = business before pleasure
: and could asbfmf = April showers bring freakin' May flowers?
i think Bob that its april showers bring forth may flowers! ? I have also got a few more for you e,w,h,b and c,a,c and c,c,n I thought that e,w,h,b was even wars have battles or even wifes have brothers?? and c,c,n was civillity costs nothing?? and c,a,c was cheap and cheerfull what do you think Bob ????