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Dog's Dinner

Posted by Bruce Kahl on October 10, 2000

In Reply to: Dog's Dinner posted by Greeble on October 10, 2000

: Here's another one for you all...

: I've looked at all the phrases mentioning dogs and I presume it has some connection to those... "dog's dinner" does come up on the search but there isn't an entry in the list of explainations)...

: Well anyway.. I want to know about a phrase that goes something like "done up like a dog's dinner"... This sounds rather strange to me as I can't think of a time when a "dog's dinner" would be "done up"... I'm not even sure what the phrase is used for, but I've heard people say it and I guess it means well fastened...

Dressed/done up like a dog's dinner(adj) : (Br)Dressed in showy and fashionable clothes that one thinks wonderful but that the others think rather silly. Overdressed or or in a mess. eg. "He was done up like a dog's dinner" or "You've made a right dogs dinner of this !".