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Get pissed

Posted by Paul G on December 13, 2000

In Reply to: Get pissed posted by Barney Scott on December 12, 2000

: : : What the origin of this?

: : : I ask because in a recent conversation with a finnish girl I lernt that the phrase for "Cheers" in Finnish sounds very much like git-pissed and was wondering if this is a possible root of this phrase?

: : Not likely. The Finns share a language that is spoken by only 5 million people on the planet, and its impact on the rest of the world's languages is, well, zero.

: 'Sauna' comes from Finnish; and Tolkien based one of his invented languages on Finnish, so it has had some impact. I can't help with the original question, though.

My guess is that the origin lies with the colour of beer being close to that of urine (piss), and the fact that one tends to produce the other. (But my guesses have been wrong in the past!)