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Aha, she cried, waving her wooden leg in the air...

Posted by Graham Cambray on January 14, 2009 at 14:35

"Aha, she cried, waving her wooden leg in the air, and banging the baby's head on the ceiling". An extraordinary phrase (as with a previous enquiry) used by my late father. I can't even claim it was imbued with much meaning, beyond that of gentle surprise - everything beyond the "Aha" seemed to be "padding". Has anyone else come across this phrase, and know its origin? My guess would be a catchphrase from some early radio show.

PS Apologies re struggling gently (on my first day) with the mechanics of the site. I have left a blank comment under "My old Dutch" and two (almost) identical comments under "Walking in tall cotton" (although neither of the latter has shown up in the index yet). Sorry.