All glove/no bat

Posted by Smokey Stover on April 25, 2008 at 20:53:

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: : What does "all glove/no bat" mean? My sense is that it means a player has only defensive capabilities, and no offensive skills. Can someone explain what it might mean more generally? I just read an article describing former-President George H. W. Bush as "an all-glove, no-bat first baseman".

: I assume you're talking about this article [Dead link removed - ed]

: GHW Bush was the captain of the baseball team in high school and at Yale. He played first base. It's a literal statement not some sort of allegorical dig.

I found the "huffpost" article a bit confusing, and did not find the actual quote. However, my take is that the person quoted was doing a riff on the well-known cliché, "all hat and no cattle," although its consanguinity to "all glove and no bat" is hard to see. Everyone on the team bats, after all; I'm sure GWB was not excluded.