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Phrase book recommendations?

Posted by ESC on November 29, 2007

In Reply to: Phrase book recommendations? posted by Gary Martin on November 28, 2007

: : I'm making up my Christmas wish list and just discovered that the next volume of The Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE) isn't due out until 2009. So I need some ideas on another phrase/reference book to request. Any suggestions?

: I guess that you have all the obvious ones, so here's a stocking-filler to try - Tony Thorne's 'Shoot the Puppy'. It's a collection of neologisms, mostly UK office/business based and has some good examples. Just in case you don't have it already, I find the first two volumes of Random House's Historical Dictionary of American Slang useful references. It's frustrating that the author took his ball home before P-Z was published though.

Shoot the Puppy. Adding it to my list. I have the Random House books. And it is a shame the series wasn't finished.