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Cause champion

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on November 22, 2007

In Reply to: Cause champion posted by Thuy Nga on November 22, 2007

: Please explain to me the meaning of "cause champion" in the text as follows: "He went to each person and group of players and showed them how he could help solve their problems. As he did so,they becam his cause champions, finding the funds and headcount replacement to allow him to move into his new role quickly." Thank you a lot

The original meaning of "champion" was simply "fighting man". Later it got the meaning "someone who fights on behalf of someone or something". In this sense, if someone bravely supports and speaks up for a worthwhile cause, s/he may certainly be called a champion of that cause. But "cause champion" is an awkward clunky phrase, and also not really justified in context. Due to its origins, to "champion" something or someone implies some courage - a willingness to risk something, even if the risk is only of making oneself unpopular or absurd. There's no sense in this passage that any of these people were risking anything for the protagonist - on the contrary, they were convinced that supporting him was in their best interests.