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Such is life; that's life

Posted by Gary Martin on October 19, 2007

In Reply to: Such is life; that's life posted by Richard Lugg on October 18, 2007

: In reply to a post by masakim on September 08, 2001:
: Any reference to books by the above name should include the Australian classic "Such Is Life" by Tom Collins (pseudonym for Joseph Furphy, 1843-1912), first published to popular acclaim in 1903. See reference at

Not sure what name you mean but, never mind Tom Collins, how did we miss Screaming Lord Sutch's hilarious autobiography 'Sutch is Life'? (UK residents might recall his party's transport policies of level crossings for hedgehogs and central heating for bus shelters - "to be turned on full in summer and off in the winter, just like the buses".)