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Prince Albert

Posted by Lewis on October 19, 2007

In Reply to: Prince Albert posted by Parthian on October 16, 2007

: : : : I am happy to post, does anyone know why "Prince Albert" as a piercing is called that? It was in an Anthony Burgess book; Wikipedia describes it well, but origins I don't know. I can only guess it is a ref to the Prince Regent? Does anyone know why?
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: : : Legend states that he had such a piercing. It may for all anybody knows be true, but there is no evidence for it. It is possible that the naem was given because of the resemblance of this specific kind to a "Prince Albert" watch chain, which was a fashion that the Prince genuinely did wear, and that this name gave rise to the story of the Prince having the piercing.(VSD)

: : Incidentally, Prince Albert was the Prince Consort.

: : The man who was to go on to become King George IV was the Prince Regent.

: : DFG

: :Thanks DFG,don't know why I wrote Prince Regent,I meant Prince Consort.

: Parthian

the watch chain was well known - the body piercing is most likely somebody having a bit of a giggle, naming it after the most famous watch chain. the piercing origin is most likely scurrilous and spurious.