Turn it away

Posted by Parthian on September 27, 2007

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: : : What does mean the phrase in this sentence? ... tell him "you can turn it away but you can not make it go away"

: : Whatever the "it" is in your source material, is being compared to a particularly persistent uninvited guest, who when you refuse admittance still hangs around outside your door, perhaps knocking or ringing the bell, generally working on your last nerve.

: :[have never heard it as a phrase]It may also relate to an interpretation of the King Cnut story of his Barons' wanting him to sort out their messy affairs,ordering the waves to recede.Just an idea! Parthian

:something just went funny with my machine,so I may be repeating.On reflection,the phrase is just a clever quip.Is there a ref to where you saw it? Parthian