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Ace the ace

Posted by Smokey Stover on September 07, 2007

In Reply to: Ace the ace posted by pamela on September 07, 2007

: : Ace the ace - what is that supposed to mean?

: "Ace the ace" doesn't come up as a phrase on google. "Ace", though, can mean to do something easily ("He aced 100% on his exam."). It is also, in many card games, the highest card. So, with these sorts of meanings I would take "ace the ace" to be a very good thing. Someone else might have a different suggestion. Pamela

I would try to explain it this way. THe ace is the highest card, the topper. It tops any other card. To ace the ace means to top the topper, to top the highest card, to get higher than the highest. Since it is by definition an impossibility to top the highest, the author of this phrase is using both hyperbole and paradox, and rendering his meaning obscure to at least some readers.