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Sisters in acid drops

Posted by Pamela on September 07, 2007

In Reply to: Sisters in acid drops posted by Rosie Chapman on September 03, 2007

: My Auntie has just used the phrase "sisters in acid drops" meaning wearing the same article of clothing as someone else. She says he mum used to say it. Has anyone else heard of it please?

No, I haven't, and I can't find it on the internet. I thought that there might be a clue in the meaning of "acid drop", so I searched for that. Apart from the use I know (one of those really tart lollies made with lemon), it is also - an oldschool skateboarding move where you drop the board from a height and jump on it (, a native Australian fruiting plant (melodorum leichhardtii - Acid Drop Fruit), a 1975 novel by George Sara (about the CIA and drugs), a wine taster's term and a video game. Perhaps someone else has heard it, or maybe it was a family saying. Pamela