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Put your hand up

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on August 27, 2007

In Reply to: Put your hand up posted by David FG on August 18, 2007

: : What does the expression "put your hand up" mean? This expression is also spoken by cricket commentators such as guys put their hand up and delivered a good performance. Could u please interpret that one for me?

: As far as I am aware, 'put your hand up' means to confess. The reference is to school: a teacher would ask for an offender to admit to doing something, and the guilty pupil would 'put his hand up' to admit his guilt.

: I am not familiar with the cricket commentator sense you describe.


Sameer, from your other posts I get the impression that your queries are about English as spoken and written in India. If so, do make this clear. Indian English - just like American, Canadian, Australian and British English - has many usages and shades of meaning unknown to other varieties of English. For what it's worthj, I'm English and the only sense in which I know the phrase is the one DFG has just described. (VSD)