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Grew up unceremoniously

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on July 24, 2007

In Reply to: Grew up unceremoniously posted by ESC on July 24, 2007

: : What is the meaning of 'grew up unceremoniously'?

: I believe it means without frills, luxuries. No band camp for this child. Anyone else know for sure?

"Unceremonious" means "without courtesies or niceties". E.g. if somebody shakes you awake shouting "Oi! You! Wake up!" that's an "unceremonious awakening". You can't "grow up unceremoniously" - that's not good English. But if your parents drop dead, their creditors seize your family home and you have to start work in a bottle-washing factory at the age of 12, you might say that your childhood was "unceremoniously cut short". (VSD)